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Gas Fired Radiant Tube heater

Innovative and Economical

The core of the Schwank gas fired infrared radiant tube heater is the innovative „Whisper-Jet“ burner. This is the result of continuous technical advancement and a long standing experience of flame tube heating. Schwank offers its infrared burner systems with positive pressure fans, allowing Schwank gas fired radiant tube heaters to create a very long laminar flame which reaches far into the heater tube.  This leads to a more uniform transfer over the tubes and an immediate positive effect on the energy efficiency of the overall  Schwank Gas fired infrared radiant tube heater system. The radiant gas heater tube is warmed up to 650°C and generates comfortable radiant heat. A further benefit lies in the fact that the burner’s pressure fan is not exposed to hot flue gases and therefore has much greater longevity than conventional radiant gas heaters.

We provide gas fired radiant tube heaters for the UK market in 4 energy-efficiency classes:

  • superTube, our premium plus radiant gas heater tube
  • calorSchwank, our premium infrared heater tube
  • infraSchwank, setting the standard in radiant heating
  • novoSchwank, our entry model in the gas fired radiant heating market
  • Advantages of Schwank gas fired infrared radiant tube heaters

    • Exceptionally high economic efficiency gas heaters
    • Uniform and comfortable flame tube heating
    • Short heater tube warm-up times
    • Long-life cycle and high comfort
    • No dust swirls or draughts with Schwank infrared radiant tube heaters
    • Schwank gas fired infrared radiant tube heaters offer „Made in Germany“ Quality


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